Contract Issues and Legal Services

Contract Issues and Legal Services

There is a high likelihood of a business involved in the federal marketing field could face legal issues in its dealings with the government and other vendors. Problems may range among others from drafting of contracts, payments for services from prime vendors or government departments, bond issues, damage calculations, arbitration or mediation.

With all the above issues a possibility, we use subject matter experts with a proven record of business knowledge encompassing the multidisciplinary business environment. This allows for a high success rate in dispute resolutions, also a reduction in client legal fees, as we are able to eliminate many of the non legal fees involved in using a specialized law firm, we work with our clients exclusively, or partner with law firms to provide unified business strategies to resolve disputes and achieve the best results for all encompassing parties.

The main steps we carry are in our legal services processes are listed below:


You/We identify your legal requirements which may be involved in your request. If you need our guidance, we can advise you of your chances of success.

Review & Quote

We review the criteria of the issue, if needs be provide you with a quote dependent on the scope of your requirements.

Information Gathering

A member of our legal services team works with your organization to record information for research to get an accurate assessment of your issues. This is done by a series of interviews over the phone or via email questionnaires.

Writing & Quality Assurance

We complete the application to your requirements, based on your information, our knowledge, research and expertise.

Final Amendments

We send you final summary of draft for any amendments.


After any agreed changes are made to our final draft, we will submit your request to relevant body(ies) and proceed with your requirements.

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