How We Work

We follow a six point (I. R. I. W. F. S) plan in our standard operating procedure. Once a client or entity contacts us for a service, we carry out the steps as stated and displayed below:

I – Identify

We identify your requirements and communicate with you on how best they can be achieved. If you need our guidance, we can advise you on your chances of success.

R – Review & Quote

We review the criteria and any legal issues which may be involved with your request, if needs be provide you a quote, dependent on the scope of your requirement.

I – Information Gathering

A member of our marketing team works with your organization to collect information for research to get an accurate assessment of your resources. This is done through a series of interviews over the phone or via email questionnaire.

W – Writing & Qualify Assurance

We complete the narrative responses to your requirements, based on your information, our knowledge, research and expertise. All responses are quality assured and proofread by supervisory members of our team in line with quality assurance standards.

F – Final Amendments

All work in final draft is sent to you for final amendments.

S – Submission

Any agreed changes are made by us and the final draft is submitted to the relevant body, with a draft stored in your client account on our website.