Active Federal Opportunities – refers to Federal Opportunities offered to businesses by the federal government for services required.

Amendment – This means when a solicitation originally issued is altered to add or remove some requirements.

Archive Date – In this context, it means the date details of a procurement bid for a government services is filed in a archive database.

A S F I – Army Single Face to Industry.

Award Notice/ID – This is a notice issued by a procuring agency about a successful bidder of a contract issued.

C A G E – Commercial And Government Entity.

Cancellation – In this context, it means a notice issued ie solicitation or amendment, has been cancelled by the procuring agent.

Capabilities Statement – A snapshot of an entity affairs which serves as a resume for a business.

Combined Synopsis – This is an actual solicitation put out by a procuring agent detailing all the specifications of the product or service required from a potential vendor.

Completion Date – Refers to date specified a contract is to be completed or substantially complete the job or project.

Contractor Debrief – A meeting of a contractor and procurement officer about reason(s) for the outcome of a procurement solicitation.

D A P A – Distribution And Pricing Agreement

D S B S – Dynamic Small Business Search

D U N S Number – Abbreviation of ‘Date Universal Numbering System’ developed and regulated by Dun & Bradstreet that assigns that number to a business entity.

F B O – Federal Business Opportunities

Federal Funding – An award of federal assistance, in the form of money or property in lieu of money, given by the federal government through a federal agency to an eligible grantee.

F P D S – Federal Procurement Data System

Grant – A sum of money given by a government or other organization for a particular purpose

GWAC – Government Wide Acquisition Contracts

I F B – Invitation For Bid

I S R – individual Subcontract Report

Micro Purchase – A purchase of supplier of services by the federal government, below a certain threshold using simplified acquisition procedures.

Modification – Also known as an amendment, is where a solicitation originally issued is altered to add or remove certain requirements.

M P I N – Marketing Partner Identification Number

N A I C S – North American Industry Classification System

No Bid Contract – A contract awarded without competitive bidding.

Notice Type – This means the type of request issued by an agent, ie solicitation, presolicitation or amendment.

N S N – National Stock Number

P I D – Procurement Item Description

P O P – Place Of Performance

Posted Date – Date the notice of solicitation or modification was issued to the public for bids.

P P I R S – Past Performance Information Retrieval System

Pre Solicitation – This is a notice issued by a procuring agency to give potential bidders information about a solicitation which might be issued.

Procuring Agents – Are federal purchasers who put out notices in the form of solicitations, etc for the requirements of federal agencies.

P S C – Product Service Code.

Purchaser Information – This includes the name and office details of the agency who need the service, funding agency and office, email of person who created the award, also if set asides are or where applicable.

Recent Awards – These are details listed in a government database, of the latest successful vendors of government contracts and details of their awards.

Response Date – This is the date upon which a contract for an option expires, so vendor bids must be presented by that date.

R F I – Request For Information

R F P – Request For Proposal

R F Q – Request For Quotation

S A M – System For Award Management

S A P – Simplified Acquisition Program

S A T – Simplified Acquisition Threshold

S B A– Small Business Administration.

Set Asides – Contracts limited in competition for small businesses.

Solicitation – Also called a ‘Combined Synopsis’, is a notice put out by procuring agent detailing all the specifications of the product or service required from a potential vendor.

Solicitation ID/ Number – This is a code which is assigned to identify details of an issued solicitation, modification, pre solicitation and amendments.

Subcontracting – A mandatory requirement system, whereby large businesses who win contracts over $650 000 are to provide a plan of opportunities for smaller businesses to possibly partake in the project.

Subcontractor– An entity which partakes in subcontracting

Subnet – A database listing of subcontracting solicitations and opportunities posted by large prime contractors and non federal agencies.

T I N– Taxpayer Identification Number.

U S A Spending– In a government database which includes data on all spending by the federal government.

Vendor – Is an entity or business which is registered for and offers itself for government contracts

Vendor Information – This includes the name and address of the vendor who undertakes a contract, their DUNS and CAGE numbers, also DBA.

W A W F–Wide Area Work Flow.