Government Formatted Web Design Services

Government Formatted Web Design Services

Our client websites are designed to assist in their federal marketing. As contracting with the government is different from business with the commercial world, procurers of government goods and services look for different information from a potential vendor website. With this in mind, our websites are designed like a business plan, fully functional with information to users like an online resume. The websites are designed in standard federal format, optimized for federal government contracts. We also register sites in the relevant industry trade directories and databases. As we don’t use any malware or cookies on the sites we design, procuring officers are comfortable opening our client sites behind their firewalls.

The main steps we carry out in our web design process are as listed below:


When you request our service, we identify your requirements and communicate with you on how best they can be achieved.

Review & Quote

We review your criteria and any legal issues which may be involved with your request, if needs be provide you a quote. In almost all cases it is our standard fixed rate for websites.

Information Gathering

A member of our web design team works with your organization to collect relevant information for research to get an accurate assessment of your website, eg capability statement, vendor details, photos, telephone number, logo(s), web and email addresses. This is done through a series of interviews over the phone or via email questionnaires and requests.

Writing & Quality Assurance

We complete the written text of pages to your website, based on your information, our knowledge, research and expertise. All the narrative on pages are  proof read by supervisory members of our team in line with quality assurance standards.

Final Amendments

All work in final draft with photos is sent to you for any final amendments.


Any agreed changes are made by us and the final draft is uploaded online, with a draft stored in your client account on our website.

Web Design Service

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